Coming up soon this late September 2021!

Neo Norte 3.0 at Galleria Myymälä2 in Helsinki, Finland. Prepare for a group of Latin American artists combined with Finnish artists. A group exhibition that would be a cocktail of creativity inspired by Latin and Scandinavian flavors.

Twice in Notting Hill

My photography collages “Sea Sides” and “Twice” were exhibited at Gallery Blaze Image in Notting Hill London, UK. First time during this crazy pandemic times as a Window Project, BLAW. Bora girls editions. My two photographs were on display on the window so everyone that was around could have a look without the stress of social distancing. The project exhibited works every week from different Latin American artist living in Europe.

The second time was from 21.05 to 22.06.2021. Where all the artist’s works were exhibited in same window all together.


RE – CUT at The Arts Dot. In Karlskrona, Sweden. May – June 2019






RE – CUT Exhibition at Process Wall, Gallery Myymälä2. March 2019

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Process Wall


Photography by Pauli Boström